Beth Hawkins is a former award-winning television news reporter of 13 years. Now a mommy of twin boys, Beth produces video and photography from the field and from her home studio. “It really is nice to be able to put family first and also do what I love for a living.” Beth remembers taking her first photo at age seven. “Dad handed me that camera and click, there it was! It was a 4x6 shot of he and my baby sister sitting on the couch with enough headroom for the Eiffel Tower!” A Communications Broadcasting student at the University of Central Oklahoma, Beth shot, produced, anchored, edited and stood in front of the camera for her own news stories. “It was great having an actual broadcast for the town of Edmond. It gave me a real sense of meeting a deadline and telling stories about the people there. Many hours were spent in the dark room at UCO working to complete my photography minor as well.” Later, as a television news reporter, the market changed. Gone were the days of having a reporter, camera operator, editor, producer and writer.

“As a multimedia journalist, I did it all. I was all of those people. It was so fun telling stories that mattered and crafting the final product on my own from the ground up.” Beth went on to develop the City of Tulsa’s Video Services division. “Producing videos for the City allowed me to incorporate stories of everyday people into important pieces on City initiatives in which Tulsans needed to be educated. There is a relatable character to every story and it was so nice to step away from aggressive news.” A couple of years later, Beth and her husband Hunt saw two little dots on an ultrasound picture. Twin boys arrived in 2013 and left very little room for the structured 8 to 5 environment. “Heston and Reaves are my world. It is so important to me to have face time with them. So here I am, calling the shots in my own business. I am still producing the same quality training videos, public service announcements, personal stories, family photos and red carpet moments. There is just something more special about doing it as a mom. I understand the moms who come to me with itsy-bitsy babies who want to recreate an old family photo. I understand the working mom who has a presentation to give who wants to show a meaningful video instead of a Power Point presentation. I understand the families who want that perfect Christmas card to send out of their kids who kept their shirts tucked in for 30 seconds. I understand the mom who is a realtor and needs head shots yesterday. I just get it, and I am so completely honored that folks would choose me to capture their lives.”